Voice First

Improve battery life by up to 10x for portable, voice-enabled devices.

Voice First Applications

Voice lets us interact in the most natural way possible with the portable electronic devices in our daily lives. It’s so easy to use voice instead of touch or motion to wake up our devices — until the battery dies. The problem is that the billions of hands-free voice-first devices that run on battery are notoriously power- inefficient in the way that they handle sound data. Aspinity’s analog voice activity detection (VAD) and system wake-up solution use an analogML™ core  to keep the system asleep until voice is detected, eliminating the digital processing of non-voice data and extending battery life by up to 10x for many small, portable, battery-operated voice-enabled devices where an extended battery life is required such as:

Enabled by AnalogML™

The analogML core delivers a system-level approach to voice-first power efficiency that is completely different from anything else available today because it enables world's only fully analog voice wake-up solution that can:
  • Detect speech directly from raw, analog microphone data
  • Discriminate voice from other sounds while data are still analog
  • Capture and deliver 500ms+ of preroll data to the wake word engine, maintaining system accuracy

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