Reference Module

The AML100-REF-1 is a fully integrated reference module for straightforward prototyping and testing of battery-operated, always-on sensing solutions using the AML100 hardware and software. The AML100-REF-1 incorporates the three hardware components needed for a wireless, ultra-low power aways-on sensing solution: analog sensors, an AML100 analogML™ processor, and a wireless SoC.


  • AML100 analog machine learning processor
  • ST Microelectronics STM23WB5MMG 64MHz Arm Cortex-M4 MCU and 2.4GHz wireless module
  • TDK ICS-40310 analog MEMS microphone


  • Module includes an onboard microphone and a connector for up to 4 external analog sensors
  • System consumes <40µA in always-on mode for acoustic event detection applications using the onboard microphone
  • Reports power consumption, and other performance data via wireless.
  • Supports many event detection applications ranging from acoustic events to vibration or biometric anomaly detection and more.

Block Diagram


Product Brief

Product Brief