Acoustic Event Detection

Reduce system power for always-listening, battery-operated IoT devices. 

Acoustic Event Detection

Devices that are always listening for acoustic events are ready to alert you at any sign of trouble so you can address the problem immediately -  even if you're away. Whether these events happen daily or hardly ever, you need to be able to trust that your event-detection system is always up and running and won’t run out of battery.  

Aspinity’s analogMLTM core enables a new generation of always-listening devices with extended battery lifetimes for a whole host of applications such as:

The AnalogML™ Advantage

Aspinity’s analyze-first approach to energy efficiency is completely different from anything else on the market. The analogML core doesn't replace a component that's currently in the always-listening system. Instead, it allocates the system's existing power resources more efficiently by using near-zero power at the start of the signal chain to detect specific acoustic events and wake up the downstream digital system when an event is actually detected. This triggers the system to perform further analysis and send alerts as necessary. 

This game-changing analyze-first architecture turns power-challenged always-listening devices into products that can last for years on a single battery. The analogML core is the world's only fully analog, system wake-up IC that:
  • Detects acoustic events directly from raw analog microphone data
  • Discriminates effectively between different types of acoustic events
  • Is trainable for specific acoustic events for your customized application

System Integration and Prototyping

Aspinity has developed an end-to-end, ultra-low power acoustic event detection system with the analogML core.  Watch our demo video and contact us today for a in-person demonstration.

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