Voice Activity Detection

Achieve the lowest always-on AI system power with the AML100

Highly Accurate, Ultra-Low Power

The AML100 power intelligent voice activity detection solution integrates the accuracy of machine learning with ultra-low power analog circuitry to deliver a near-zero power always-listening solution that keeps higher-power digital components off unless voice is detected. As the world's only fully analog system wake-up solution that can accurately distinguish voice from other sounds, the AML100 allows the wake word engine and other digital components to focus only on the important data, which contains speech, and ignore the rest. 
  • Lowest always-on AI system power for voice enabled products
  • AML100 consumes just 25µA in always-listening, preroll-collection mode
  • Patented analog preroll compression and reconstruction method captures and delivers 500ms of preroll data to the wake word engine, maintaining system accuracy
  • Verified with popular MCU and wakeword engines for rapid integration in reference and prototype design

Voice Activity Detection Evaluation Kit

The Aspinity EVK2 can be used to evaluate the performance of AML100 Voice Detection and preroll management.   The evaluation kit comes with the Aspinity's voice activity detection algorithm, test files, and can be used for line-in or live testing with the onboard microphone. 

For more information, download the EVK2 Product Brief

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