Condition Monitoring

Achieve battery-operated, always-on monitoring with analogML™

Aspinity's analogML™ core enables the lowest power always-on AI edge processing solution for equipment fault detection. Built on Aspinity's unique ultra-low power RAMP™ technology platform, the analogML core integrates with vibration, acoustic, ultrasonic, or other analog sensors to detect changes directly from analog sensor data, keeping the downstream digital system off unless an anomaly has been detected.   Using near-zero power analog circuitry to analyze the massive amounts of data that are continously collected by the sensors, the analogML core can detect the earliest instance of a fault while enabling a long lifetime battery-operated solution.

The analogML core can be programed with equipment specific parameters and machine learning models for many different applications such as:

  • Vibration monitoring
  • Acoustic monitoring
  • Valve leak detection
  • Pipe leak detection
  • Power monitoring
  • Other applications

For more information about these applications, please contact us directly.

Software Programmable Functionality

With the analogML core, you decide how much processing and analysis you need. From receving all extracted information in order to follow trends and monitor industrial health to only receiving alerts when a condition fault is detected, the functionality of the analogML core is fully software programmable using Aspinity's front-end development environment.

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