Near-Zero Power Always-on IoT Solutions

Enabling portable IoT products that have an extended battery life and send less data to the cloud


IoT devices are continuously monitoring their environment, waiting to take an action if a specific event occurs. Whether these events happen daily or hardly ever, you need to be able to trust that your IoT device is always up and running and won’t run out of battery.

Today’s system architecture requires that 100% of incoming data is digititized and processed, wasting significant power on data that is mostly irrelevant.  The AML100 enables a new computing paradigm that accurately detects and inferences directly from raw, analog sensor data. By keeping the MCU and wireless chips asleep until meaningful data are detected, the AML100 focuses device power consumption exclusively on information that truly matters and reduces always-on system power by up to 100x.

The software-programmable AML100 can detect audio, ultrasonic, vibration, or other types of events to address many different IoT applications such as:
  • Smart Speakers
  • Remote controls
  • Smart appliances
  • Smart doorbells
  • Many more

Voice Activity Detection

Aspinity has developed a high performance voice activity detection solution integrates the accuracy of machine learning with ultra-low power analog circuitry to deliver a near-zero power always-listening solution. The fully analog voice wake-up solution accurately distinguishes voice from other sounds, allowing the wake word engine to focus power only on data that contain speech. Additionally, Aspinity's patented analog preroll compression and reconstruction method captures and delivers 500ms of preroll data to the wake word engine in order to maintain system accuracy.
  • Lowest always-on AI system power for voice enabled products
  • AML100 consumes just 25µA in always-listening, preroll-collection mode
  • Option for Continuous analog preroll collection 
  • Verified with popular MCU and wakeword engines for rapid integration in prototype designs
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Other Acoustic Event Detection

Devices that are always listening for acoustic events are ready to alert you at any sign of trouble so you can address the problem immediately -  even if you're away. Whether these events happen daily or hardly ever, you need to be able to trust that your event-detection system is always up and running and won’t run out of battery.  

The software programmability of the AML100 enables a new generation of always-listening devices with extended battery lifetimes for a whole host of products that can detect:
  • Water Leaks
  • Dog barks
  • Baby cries
  • Sirens
  • Many other sounds

Contact us to find out how you can develop your custom acoustic event detection algorithms for the AML100.

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