Near-Zero Power AI Solutions for Comprehensive Vehicle Monitoring

Monitor vehicles 100% of the time without draining the battery

Aspinity’s automotive solutions using the AML100 are revolutionizing always-on coverage, surveillance, and control of vehicles. These near-zero power event detection solutions enable new capabilities, services, and business models for dashcam manufacturers and automotive OEMs

The Aspinity AML100 analog machine learning processor combines the event detection accuracy of machine learning with near-zero power analog event detection and wake-up, delivering in-cabin and  panel-integrated event detection solutions that consume just 10’s of μAs to detect:

  • Impact
  • Collision
  • Touch
  • Scratch
  • Glass break
  • Intrusion
  • Occupancy
  • Voice
  • Other activities

In-Cabin Vehicle Monitoring Solution

The AML100 enables the lowest power for always-on in-cabin monitoring, delivering optimal detection accuracy and limited false alarms. The in-cabin solution can be integrated into an after-market dashcam, or can be a dealer-installed option that takes advantage of already integrated cameras.

The AML100 consumes <20µA in always-listening mode and keeps the MCU and camera off unless a security event is detected. The in-cabin monitoring algorithm detects events relevant to the vehicle and can distinguish between contact, collision, and glass break. Additionally, the AML100 ignores unrelated sounds or vibrations so there are fewer recordings for the dashcam to store and the car owner to review.

Aspinity's solution is superior to existing technologies in that:
  • AML100 near-zero power AI processing enables detection of relevant events that other solutions cannot detect (i.e. lighter contacts with vehicle)
  • System power consumption <100uA in parking mode so can stay on for extended time without draining the battery
  • Camera records only events related to the vehicle and ignores the rest, leading to fewer false alarm videos for vehicle owner to review
  • Detects general impacts and/or classifies specific impacts such as a door open or a window glass break
  • Evaluation kit available

Integrated Automotive Solutions

The AML100 enables a near-zero power, high performance panel-integrated automotive solution for OEMs that can be used for vehicle security and monitoring, vehicle access, or other always-on applications. The integrated solution can detect and distinguish between light touches, harder contacts, collisions, and scratches among other events. The OEM integrated solution features:
  • Easily deployable sensor modules that integrate into multiple car panels
  • ECU triggered only when event is detected
  • Parked vehicle monitoring for extended time without draining the battery
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