Embedded World 2023

The Aspinity team is excited to talk to you about our new glass break detection solution that integrates our AB2 Application Board with onboard AML100 analog machine learning processor and the Renesas EK-RA4M3 Quick-Connect IoT rapid prototyping platform.  The combined solution delivers an ultra-low power, highly accurate end-to-end solution for wireless, battery-powered intrusion detection sensors. The system consumes <20uA in always-listening mode while still maintaining the high level of accuracy required for a glass break detection sensor.


  • Complete hardware/software solution for ultra- low power, highly accurate glass break detection for intrusion alarm systems
  • Utilizes Aspinity’s AML100 analog machine learning processor and glass break algorithms to keep the Renesas RA6M3 high performance MCU off unless glass break is detected
  • AML100 consumes <15uA during always-on, glass break detection mode


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