The AML200 delivers TOPS level performance in a µW power footprint

Aspinity’s proprietary semiconductor technology pairs the accuracy of machine learning with the ultra-low power of analog processing to deliver unparalleled performance and efficiency for AI-driven event detection, classification, notification, and prevention.

analog inferencing
< 0 μA
always-on AI system power
< 0 μW
software programmable
0 %


Superior accuracy with near-zero power AI enables real-time, discerning insight into contacts, collisions, key scratches, glass breaks, activity, and other security threats for best-in-class parked vehicle monitoring.

Smart Home

Ultra-low power inferencing enables highly accurate AI monitoring of glass break, T3/T4, leaks, etc. for long lasting battery-operated sensors.


A wide range of IoT devices can accurately monitor and measure voice/keyword, vibration, or other movements — all with ultra-low power.

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