Near-Zero Power AI Solutions

Neural processing technology that merges the ultra-low power of analog, the sophistication of machine learning, and the versatility of software programmability.

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Near-Zero Power Always-On Vehicle Monitoring Solutions

Enabling new features and services for in-cabin and OEM integrated parking mode security with optimal detection accuracy.

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Near-Zero Power Home Security Monitoring

Only always-listening solution for home security sensors that achieves excellent accuracy and a 5-year battery life.

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Analog Inferencing

Analog Inferencing

Always-On System Power

System Power

Software Programmable (Python-based)

Software Programmable (Python-based)

How it Works

Learn how Aspinity's unique and patented analogML™ technology enables the lowest always-on AI system power for many inferencing applications.
Aspinity power intelligence

The New Era of Power Conscious AI

Aspinity's analogML core focuses energy only on data that truly matter

aspinity less data transmitted

Less Data Transmitted

Eliminating irrelevant data before digitization reduces data transmission, storage, and high-cost cloud compute

Aspinity insight driven systems

Insight Driven Systems

Signal processing at the extreme edge enables insight driven decision making versus simple data-gathering

Aspinity flexibility by Design

Flexibility by Design

Application specific parameters and functionality are programmable in python-based software

Aspinity Feature Packing

Feature Packing

Ultra-low power analog signal processing allows for additional features at no cost to battery life




Automotive in-cabin and OEM integrated vehicle monitoring solutions

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Home Security

Ultra-low power glass break, alarm tone, and other acoustic event detection

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Acoustic, vibration, and other fault detection

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Aspinity Welcomes Semiconductor Industry Veteran Richard Hegberg as CEO
January 2024 Press Releases

Aspinity Welcomes Semiconductor Industry Veteran Richard Hegberg as CEO

Richard well positioned to drive Aspinity's success as the AML100 enters volume production and the company enters its next phase of growth.

Meet Aspinity at CES 2024
December 2023 Events

Meet Aspinity at CES 2024

The Aspinity team is heading to CES 2024. Don't miss our new automotive, home security, and IoT demos and reference designs. Schedule a meeting with us today.

Analog Memory for Efficient AI Compute
November 2023 Aspinity Blog

Analog Memory for Efficient AI Compute

Aspinity's high-precision analog memory is the key to overcoming the challenges typically associated with analog computing. Find out why in our latest blog.


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