Analog machine learning chips for the lowest always-on system power

AML100 Evaluation Boards

Aspinity has developed end-to-end hardware/software kits for the evaluation of the power and detection accuracy of the AML100 for always-on applications. All evaluation kits have flexible input to the AML100 from Aspinity or customer recorded data files or from live sensors. The kits include software for extracting and post-processing test results into easy-to-understand summaries.

AB2 AML100 Application Board

The AB2 AML100 application board is a fully integrated analog event detection front end that integrates directly with leading MCU evaluation boards that have an Arduino Uno Rev3 connector. The onboard AML100 keeps the MCU asleep unless an event is detected, enabling  an ultra-low power always-on sensing mode. The AB2 supports up to 4 analog sensors to address acoustic, vibration, biometric or other sensing events.

AB2 Product Brief

EVK1 Acoustic Event Detection Evaluation Kit

The EVK1 acoustic event detection evaluation kit contains the hardware and software to comprehensively evaluate the analog acoustic event detection capabilities of the AML100.   The evaluation kit comes pre-loaded with window glass break and voice activity detection algorithms and algorithms for other acoustic events are available upon request.
EVK1 Product Brief

EVK2 Voice Activity Detection Evaluation Kit

The EVK2 contains the hardware and software necessary for straightforward evaluation of the AML100 for voice-activity detection and preroll management.   The EVK2 can also be used in conjunction with a third-party wake word engine to test the ability of the AML100 to gate the power of the digital voice-first system without sacrificing system accuracy.

EVK2 Product Brief

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