RAMP enables a whole new generation of battery-operated, always-on sensing devices

The RAMP chip is flexible and programmable. Its analog blocks can be reprogrammed with application-specific algorithms to detect different events and to use different types of sensor input to enable a whole new generation of smaller, lower-cost, more power- and data-efficient, battery-operated always-on devices for consumer, IoT, and industrial applications.

defaultVoice-First: RAMP can keep the wake-word engine and other digital processors in a low-power sleep state when no voice is present for always-on voice wake-up applications. RAMP also compresses 500ms of preroll data so that the accuracy of wake-word engines is not impacted.

defaultAcoustic-Event Detection: RAMP can be programmed for non-voice audio events for audio-trigger applications. Only when it detects a specified sound such as  an alarm, a dog bark or a glass break,  will RAMP wake up the rest of the always-on listening system.

defaultVibration Monitoring: RAMP can sample and select the most important data points from thousands of points of vibration sensor data, dramatically decreasing the amount of data collected and transmitted for analysis for remote, battery-operated industrial condition monitoring.

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