Analog machine learning chips for the lowest always-on system power

The AML100 is the first product in Aspinity’s AnalogML™ (analog machine learning) family. The AML100 detects and classifies sensor-driven events from raw, analog sensor data, allowing developers to design significantly lower-power, always-on edge processing devices. Based on the unique Reconfigurable Analog Modular Processor (RAMP™) technology platform, the AML100 reduces always-on system power by 95% or more, enabling a complete ultra-low power always-on edge-processing solution for always-on automotive applications, home security sensors, voice-first systems, predictive and preventative maintenance for industrial equipment, biomedical monitoring, and myriad other applications.

AML100 Features

  • World’s first fully analog machine learning chip
  • Processes natively analog data
  • Uses near-zero power to inference and to detect events
  • Consumes <20µA when always-sensing
  • Intelligently reduces analog data by 100x
  • Supports up to 4 analog sensors
  • Field programmable for a wide array of machine learning applications
  • Easy to integrate into current digital architectures
  • 7mm x 7mm 48-pin QFN package


  • Impact and other automotive activity detection
  • Glass break and other always-listening security alarm sensors
  • Always-listening home automation devices
  • Condition monitoring for industrial equipment and data centers
  • Voice enabled remote controls and other smart home voice-first devices
  • True wireless earbuds and other voice-enabled wearables
  • Heartrate and other biometric monitoring devices
  • Other battery-operated always-on devices that utilize high bandwidth sensor data

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