Near-Zero Power Industrial Monitoring Solutions

Lowest-power, 100% continuous condition monitoring

The AML100 uses near-zero power analog circuitry to continuously collect and analyze analog vibration sensor data.  By keeping downstream digital components off unless a fault-indicating change has been detected, the AML100 eliminates the need to perform power-heavy FFTs and transmit sensor data when nothing has changed from baseline.  The result is a power-intelligent, 100% always-on monitoring solution that can detect the earliest instance of a fault without sacrificing battery life.

The AML100 detects machine health changes using standard spectral functions such as:
  • Spectral binning
  • Spectral monitoring
  • Acceleration and velocity peak-to-peak and RMS
  • Displacement
  • Crest Factor

AML100 Features

  • Always-on monitoring using just 10's of µAs
  • Pure analog processing
  • Supports up to 4 analog sensors
  • Customizable functions and parameters via software
  • Programmable prior to or after deployment

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