Near-Zero Power Home Security Solutions

Lowest power always-on AI system for battery-operated security sensors

Home security products that are always listening for acoustic events are ready to alert you at any sign of trouble so you can address the problem immediately -  even if you're away. Whether these events happen daily or hardly ever, you need to be able to trust that your home security system is always up and running and won’t run out of battery.  

The AML100 enables the lowest power, most accurate always-listening AI solutions for next generation security sensors with extended battery lifetimes for a whole host of applications such as:

  • Glass break detection
  • T3/T4 alarm tone detection
  • Leak detection
  • Voice detection

Glass Break Detector Reference Design

Aspinity's AML100 glass break detector reference design is the only solution to simultaneously extend battery life and eliminate false alarms in battery-operated glass break products.

The reference design is deployed on Aspinity's battery-operated AML100-REF-1 module for straightforward testing and deployment.
  • Glass break detector consumes <40µA when in always-listening mode
  • Aspinity developed glass break ML algorithm eliminates false triggers to common household sounds
  • Keeps digital components off unless glass break is detected
  • Delivers lowest always-on AI system power
  • 100% always-on listening with 5+ year battery life on a single battery, no duty cycling needed

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