Glass Break Detection

The only solution to eliminate false alarms and enable a 5+ year battery life for battery-operated glass break sensors

Accurate Detection, Ultra-low Power

Aspinity's AML100 power intelligent glass break detection is the only solution to simultaneously extend battery life and eliminate false alarms in battery-operated glass break sensors.

  • Consumes <20µA when in always-listening mode
  • Aspinity developed glass break ML algorithm eliminates false triggers to common household sounds
  • Keeps digital components off unless glass break is detected
  • Delivers lowest always-on AI system power
  • 100% always-on listening with 5+ year battery life, no duty cycling needed

Glass Break Detection Evaluation Kit

The Aspinity EVK1 can be used to evaluate the performance of glass-break detection and system wake-up using the AML100. The evaluation kit comes with Aspinity's glass-break algorithm, test files, and a microphone and can be used for prototyping your next-generation power-intelligent glass break sensor.

For more information, download the EVK1 product brief.

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